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Leaky Faucets
Did you know that a faucet which drips one drop every second will waste 400 gallons of water in a year?! Save yourself money with the water bill, replacing old gaskets or o-rings and corroded valve seats will usually solve the problem. Call Giannoccaro Plumbing to have us do this for you..

Preventing Basement Flooding
For every inch of rain the average roof will shed 1000 gallons of water. The first step in prevention is to divert this volume of water away from the home. If allowed by your municipality gutter extensions to the downspout are an obvious solution. Often in flatter terrain the most important defense is installing a sump pump. With a sump pump you'll no longer worry during rainy days and spring thaws. More importantly it will save you from having to make expensive future repairs to a water logged basement. Be smart, have Giannoccaro plumbing install a sump pump in your basement before its too late.

Maintaining a Sump Pump
Regularly monitor your sump pump, especially makiing sure that the float is unobstructed Check the sump pump motor every six months to make sure it will work properly when needed. First, inspect the inlet of the pump for blockage. Remove the lid of the pump and pour water into the sump tank, once the float rises to a certain point it should trigger the pump, go outside to make sure the outlet is actually discharging water - if its not the line could be obstructed by ice or debris. To have a block outlet flushed contact Giannoccaro Plumbing.

Common Causes of Noisy Pipes
Turn on the water and begin looking for the source of the noise. Often the pipe is no longer secured by a strap or u-clamp, filling in the gap between the pipe and wall with a piece of rubber or wood block should help.

If the noise happens when you run the hot water, it may mean the hot water heater setting is too high. Dialing back the heat setting will reduce the steam in the pipes and may stop the racket.

Water Hammer is a specific noise which occurs when you shut off the water suddenly and the rushing water suddenly comes to a stop in the pipes making a hammering noise. NOTE: the noise is not water hammer if you can hear it with the water running. Properly installed plumbing has air chambers which cushion this noise, however these these chambers can fail after water pressure gradually absorbs the air. Water Hammer can cause failed fittings and burst pipes, if you suspect water hammer contact Giannoccaro plumbing for an inspection.

The following is not an exhaustive list of causes for noisy pipes. Its only meant as a guide, if you are unable to diagnose the problem contact Giannoccaro Plumbing.

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